Welcome to Rocky Mountain A.S. Real Estate Investors, LLC. We want to be the one stop that you can always trust and count on. We specialize in Probate, Pre-Foreclosures, Refinancing or Qualifying for a home loan, Funding for Investors and are Cash Buyers. Do you have a house or property in Probate you want to sell quickly? We have cash.

Are you in Pre-Foreclosure? We may be able to save your house.

Wanting to sell?   We can make all-cash deals.

We are experienced in helping people Qualify for Home Loans and Refinancing.

Are you an Investor needing some extra cash? We can help. Do you need funding to flip your home? We can lend.

We realize there are many needs when it comes to real-estate, so we can help and have partnered up with professional affiliates to be sure we can meet your needs.

We Get You Qualified or  Need Refinancing?

Email support@rockymountainasinvestors.com to schedule an appointment. If you are at a 640 credit score you can still qualify. If you need help fixing your credit, we can help with that too!


We have a great understanding of the time and process that probate can take. We have cash on hand and are ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. Give us a call at the beginning of your process so we can work with you and (if you have an attorney) to make this as painless as possible, we will be there to help throughout the process, but cannot give legal advice. Allowing us to do all-cash deals makes the process happen much quicker, usually 7-10 business days from beginning to end. Saves money without having to wait for the attorney or a real estate agent to list and sell. If you are having to spend money and invest time traveling back and forth, we can relieve you from that stress.


Each situation is unique, so depending on where you are with your foreclosure most all the time we can help.


We have known that not too many have to help save your home, and if that is not what you want, or you cannot do, do not walk away empty-handed. Sometimes due to illness, an unfortunate passing of a loved one or other unfortunate circumstances has left you payments behind. Sometimes due to circumstances you just simply cannot afford your home you are in now, but that does not mean you cannot down a size or get you into one that is more suitable for your income. We will pay you cash for your property, which would save your credit from having a foreclosure, leaving the doors open for many options for you. Rather you want to or need to sell your home quickly, downsize, or just “want out,” give us a call to see what we can do to help you. DO NOT LET THE BANKS TAKE YOUR PROPERTY AND WALK AWAY HOMELESS OR EMPTY HANDED!

We have a plan of action that could help you if you have to sell. We do not want to see anyone become homeless. Let us see if we can help. This must happen before your home goes into foreclosure.


If you’re needing extra funding, we are here to help you as well. With our affiliates we work with, we should have your cash very quickly, as many have been happy with the way we have been meeting their needs.

“Whatever your need is within real-estate, we are here to help you, make you comfortable with your process, and give you the best possible outcome.”


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  1. Sheri says:

    Hey everyone! If you know someone going into foreclosure, have them get a hold of us right away so we can possibly help them save their house!

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