Qualifying For A Home

Needing A Home Loan or Refinance?

Allow us to help give you a smooth transformation into your new home. We have Lenders and Mortgage Bankers who can qualify you for a loan. If there are negative impacts on your credit report, there may be ways to fix that.

Call or Email Us To See What We Can Get You Qualified for Towards Your New Home



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“If you are not sure, call us anyway because we may be able to help.”


There are different types of loans out there to allow us to help you select the best one for you. We have over 30 + years in the Mortgage Lending business. Our lenders have survived because


“We make our customers happy and they know we genuinely care!”


“Word of mouth goes a long way! We have many referrals, but we always have time for you!”

                                                                 “We Can Make Your Dream Home A Reality”

First Time Buying?

We have many options you can choose from. We will fill out the forms, if you need adjusting on your credit, we help with that. Then we will go over your options. Being a first-time buyer or in the Military gives you a few advantages.

So let us help you get into that first new home! We can help you get to that point of purchase, if you’re not quite there.

“We can help make your dream

home happen for you!”

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Rocky Mountain A.S. Investors

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