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About Us

About Rocky Mountain A.S. Investors

We have helped many families and some friends to save their home from foreclosure. We are not an attorney; although we do have attorneys or legal advice you can turn to if needed.  Contact us so we can help you!

Here at, we have always enjoyed real-estate. As of now, I am working towards my law degree in real-estate.

I really enjoy helping people so as I thought up ways to do so, I came up with Rocky Mountain A.S. Investors. We have teamed up with affiliates across the U.S. so we can take care of all real-estate needs; not just in our home base of Colorado, but just about in any state.



I was born and raised in Colorful Colorado. My family has an extensive history here and this is what triggered my taste for real-estate. My grandfather was the first settler on the Grand Mesa in Grand Junction, as there were three lakes named after him. Vincent 1, 2 and 3.

On the other side of my family, my great grandma (apache and cherokee), was raised in Golden Gate Canyon as they owned most the property before she sold it to the state. One of the little lakes is now where their cabin used to be.

There was a lot of history and that’s what real-estate brings is history to families, employers, and the State of Colorado.

We create Jobs and Help The Economy

My partners and I are about helping the economy grow, give help

We Contribute To The Economy Now Hiring

to families as much as we can. When investors build or fix up properties, they create jobs as we build, fix, and flip.

When we pay cash to buy properties like probate, must sell quickly, foreclosures or pre-foreclosures, and lending, the cash generates back into society. Creating jobs generates money into our society; revenue into stores, creating communities.

Buying new homes, fixing homes, it all generates back into society.


If the banks get the property or a property just sits waiting to be sold or waiting for buyers; properties sitting stagnate generates no cash flow which can affect the economy. Together we can keep our history growing and the economy flowing.

In Summary

I have a grandson, two daughters, and a niece that I want to make a difference in their lives so they do not have to worry about a collapsing economy. I want them to know you can always strive for your dreams because they are obtainable. Maybe one day they will become an entrepreneur like me or my grandson can take over the business. For now, my affiliates, partner and I are here to help you in any way we can.

If you have any questions or we can help, please email us


Sheri Merrick

Rocky Mountain A.S. Investors